songs with wolf Songs with Wolf

From where I stand, mechanics and musicians share much in common... their mathematic mindset; their ability to comprehend abstract constructs delivering a tangible result to our universe is a marvel... an inspiration to me. I have never been able to get enough music and try as I might I could never master the mechanics of playing an instrument. Fortunately, the music I love most possesses both words and music. Folk music tells a story. I first heard the folksingers who spoke best to me Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan on a car radio heading south from Carolina to Georgia and that was it for me. If I was denied the vehicle of music I would live and breathe the lyric. I have been inhaling the exhaust fumes of these and other singer’s songs all my life. And with the help of a number of friendly musicians through one method or another we have come up with songs I trust may well speak to you.

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